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Formatting Your Resume

Showing up with a great looking resume makes you look professional, even if you are just starting out. Here is a great sample resume that details how an entertainment resume should look. Keeping it simple, without a lot of fluff is best. There is never a need to list your school or work experience on an entertainment resume. Save that for the job you will need to support yourself if you don't take the time to market yourself correctly :) If you have little to no experience it's still important to have a resume because you are handing the Casting Director your contact information. If you don't have anything to list, consider writing a brief character description of yourself and include quotes like "takes direction well", and "loves to perform in front of a camera". Again, once you have a few things under the appropriate headings, you can remove this portion. Get creative with your skills and interests. List something that is unique to you. Make them laugh and they will remember you. I also highly recomend that when emailing your resume you send it in a PDF format. Sending as a Word document can cause formatting issues and the last thing you want is to have your resume look like a mumbled mess. Finally, your paper resume needs to be updated frequently, but don't forget about your resume's on any acting sites or databases that you are listed on. Make it a habit to update once a month to ensure that the person viewing you has the most accurate information at all times. Now, let's get those resumes perfect!


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